Catherine – the name

On the day of St. Catherine on December 7, in our church we held a festive Divine Liturgy.

Father Anatoly and father Alexander dressed in red felony and stole that happens in the days of special memory of great martyrs for the glory of God. We have repeatedly noted that Saturday services create a special cozy atmosphere for a focused prayer under the crooning of the choir in the right aisle of the church. That day, among parishioners, many women named Catherine were present – Father Anatoly congratulated them especially at the end of the service and gave each a communion bread at the kissing of the cross.

Father Anatoly told about the life of the great saint martyr and also reminded that saint Catherine is the protectress of our parishional sisterhood, organized more than 70 years ago by the notorious Catherine Lawes. In those days, when the church and the parish barely made ends meet, she had the idea of organizing a sisterhood with special activities to provide all possible assistance to the parish and parishioners to raise funds. This idea received the blessing of that time’s abbot of Inna ( Kibikov ) and the Sisterhood was given the name of st Catherine great martyr. On our site, you can learn more about this energetic parishioner and the sisterhood stories.
On this day, among the worshipers in the temple were members of the Sisterhood and they certainly were pleased to hear about the appreciation of their unpaid labor for the benefit and prosperity of the parish.
Father Anatoliy also congratulated father Alexander on his namesday (December 7 is the commemoration of st martyr Alexander). Father Alexander was very touched by this attention and took this opportunity to thank father Anatoly for his constant care for the parish and for creating a friendly atmosphere in which he is so glad to serve before the throne of God. The choir and the congregation responded to these compliments singing Many Years.

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