Appeal for The Saint Arseny Orthodox Christian Theological Institute

Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus

On Sunday, June 22nd, the Saint Arseny Orthodox Christian Theological Institute is making its annual appeal for support. This appeal is approved by
His Grace, Bishop Irenee.

As you may know, Readers, Sub deacons, Deacons and some new priests have taken courses from Saint Arseny Orthodox Christian Theological Institute as part of their required training. You may even have someone in your parish or a sister parish near you who has graduated from one or several courses. The St. Arseny Institute was formed ten years ago, with then Bishop Seraphim’s blessing, because theological education was not accessible, affordable or possible for many who were willing and called to serve in the Church, as well as for interested laity. This situation has not changed significantly over the past ten years, so that there remains a great need for such affordable, accessible education within the Archdiocese, and those who initiated and have carried on the work of the Institute, along with those who have come forward to help, continue to share a vision to provide grassroots efforts toward the sustaining and growth of the Archdiocese of Canada and its mission within this country.

Today we ask for a donation as we at Saint Arseny Institute have over 10 years of teaching experience, a proven track record and are the only Theological Institute in our Canadian Diocese offering and providing these courses. Please give generously.

The Administration and teaching staff work on a volunteer basis with little or no financial compensation for their efforts. The funds generated will help fulfill, maintain and expand our existing programs. Eg. recently we have begun to offer courses on-line. To date in our diocese we have 42 ordained active priests along with 12 retired (of which some are somewhat active) priests . We have readers in most parishes and a handful of sub deacons and deacons. All of our parishes/churches do not have full time priests. Our diocese is vast and is growing. We need to develop more readers, sub deacons, deacons and priests to maintain what exists not to mention our potential growth.

We need prayer, encouragement and financial help.
Remember St. Arseny Institute is a viable entity with a proven track record. Please give generously.

Donations may be made out to Archdiocese of Canada with a note “For the work of the St. Arseny Institute” and sent to the St. Arseny Institute c/o
3 Prestwood Place, Winnipeg MB, R3T 4Y9. Charitable receipts will be issued in time for the next filing of Income Tax.

With our prayers, and our appreciation,

Priest Anthony (Spencer) Estabrooks,

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