Call for help

Dear parishioners,

one of our oldest and dedicated parishioners Alexander Sharko is presently at the hospital. The Sharko family is precious part of our history as they remember our first church on Cartier street and helped to move to our present cathedral on Papineau. They never ceased to help, donate and contribute to the well-being of our parish, f.ex. the icon of the Saint Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg was donated by Alexander.


Now Alexander has no family members left to see him in the hospital. He would be happy if anyone from our parish could visit him there. If you have at least half an hour a week to spare, please pass by to see him at:

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Archdiocesan Assembly nominates Bishop Irénée for vacant Canadian See

Clergy and lay delegates representing parishes from across the Orthodox Church in America’s Archdiocese of Canada nominated His Grace, Bishop Irénée to fill the vacant See of Ottawa and Canada at an extraordinary Archdiocesan Assembly on Thursday, October 2, 2014. (Link)

The Holy Synd of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America elected the Bishop Irenee, Bishop of Quebec city, as Bishop of Ottawa and the Archdiocese of Canada.

See  the Letter from Metropolitan Tikhon Announcing Bishop Irénée as Bishop of Ottawa.

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Diaconal Ordination

Father Deacon Gleb Melnyk was ordained by His Grace Bishop Irénée at Sts Peter and Paul Sobor in Montréal on 14   October, the feast of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos (Pokrov). (Link)

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Parish Annual Fall Lottery

Dear parishioners, supporters and all who frequent our services,

The Parish Annual Fall Lottery is coming soon and our Rector and Parish Council once again appeal to you for support in purchasing and selling the tickets.
The Annual Lottery is not a gamble as we do not distribute any profit from income or deficit. This is just another way to donate to our parish. The Lottery has been in practice for several years proving to be appreciated by parishioners as a successful tool to raise additional money and to make up for the shortfalls, especially after less active summer months. The construction, charitable, and church funds that support and maintain our Cathedral and Rawdon parish life are usually the recipients of the Lottery proceeds.
The number of “old” parishioners, who used to bear most of the burden of maintaining our parish, is slowly dwindling. For example, from 240 individuals in 1980 the number had fallen to 188 by 1990; then down to 110 in 2002, and in 2012 only about 100 active parishioners participated in the Lottery. So we appeal, in particular, to all you – “new” parishioners and all other 500 families of our constant Church goers – to support our parish.

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A new gift to our church

On Sunday 13 July our father rector installed a new icon, an icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, named the Gatekeeper, in the centre of the church.

This icon was executed and consecrated in Athos, the Greek mountain monastery, and was recently offered to a pilgrim named Valery with the instruction to leave it in the first church where he would pray. Thus, this icon of the Most Holy Theotokos Portaitissa of mount Athos  ended up in our place a few days ago. Father Anatoly accepted this gift with the gratitude from the whole parish. We need now to make a kiot for this icon, which will be hung in the left transept of the church.

This same person had previously offered our church an icon of the Holy Matron of Moscow and  funded the making of a kiot to enshrine it.

We warmly thank all those who financially contribute to adorning our cathedral. We wish everyone to benefit from the spiritual help and the intercession of the Theotokos.

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Pilgrimage to Rawdon

On Saturday August 2 at 10 am our clergy will minister Divine Liturgy in the St. Seraphim church in Rawdon on the day of the Saint Patron of this church.


As we did in previous years  a bus for pilgrims will depart from our cathedral in Montreal at 8 am to Rawdon, and will depart back to Montreal from Rawdon at 4 pm the same day.

If you want to join us on this celebration day, please sign in in the candles shop.

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Our church’s Saint Patrons Day celebration

You are all cordially invited to our church’s Saint Patrons Day celebration – ST. PETER  AND  ST. PAUL.
On Friday July 11th at 6 pm there’ll be Vigil.
On Saturday July 12th at 10 am there’ll be Episcopal Divine Liturgy ministered by Iriney, bishop of Quebec,  Administrator of the diocese of Canada.

Moleben with cross bearing around the church and polychronion will be ministered as well.

After the service we invite you to the festive dinner to celebrate our church’s Saint Patrons Day.

For reading:

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Charitable event – June 15

On Sunday June 15 after Divine Liturgy there’ll be a charity event – coffee from our St. John of Kronstadt society – to raise funds for orphans in in Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Belorussia et Canada.

You are all invited!

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Appeal for The Saint Arseny Orthodox Christian Theological Institute

Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus

On Sunday, June 22nd, the Saint Arseny Orthodox Christian Theological Institute is making its annual appeal for support. This appeal is approved by
His Grace, Bishop Irenee.

As you may know, Readers, Sub deacons, Deacons and some new priests have taken courses from Saint Arseny Orthodox Christian Theological Institute as part of their required training. You may even have someone in your parish or a sister parish near you who has graduated from one or several courses. The St. Arseny Institute was formed ten years ago, with then Bishop Seraphim’s blessing, because theological education was not accessible, affordable or possible for many who were willing and called to serve in the Church, as well as for interested laity. This situation has not changed significantly over the past ten years, so that there remains a great need for such affordable, accessible education within the Archdiocese, and those who initiated and have carried on the work of the Institute, along with those who have come forward to help, continue to share a vision to provide grassroots efforts toward the sustaining and growth of the Archdiocese of Canada and its mission within this country.

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Welcome to our online Forum

With the blessing of father Anatoliy we start an online forum for our parishioners.

The main goal of this forum is to give you a way to communicate, to publish different requests of prayers, help or assistance, offers to donate to accept a donation.  As members you can create new threads and topics
yourself.  You can write in any languages. This forum is under moderation, the registration is obligatory. To join the forum please make yourself familiar with the rules of participation.
We hope that this initiative will help our parishioners to cooperate.

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