Fund raising for church roof

In 2011 we started our fund-raising to collect funds for the repair of the Cathedral roof. The amount of $50K seemed unrealistic to achieve at that time, though the roof was already in such a critical condition that, unless urgent measures were taken, it could have caused us higher costs  in the near future.

The fund-raising has been going on for a year – through our parishioners’ private donations, allocations from parish concerts and other events, as well as dinners organized by the sisterhood. We have managed to collect forty-two thousand dollars and the Church committee made up for the missing sum so the work could start as soon as possible before winter sets in. The much needed roof repair is already in progress and it can be seen from the street by anybody. Apart from this, some routine works are currently on going in the altar to have both the inside of the altar iconostasis and the altar window painted. All these renovations have been made possible by to your kind donations and responsiveness – there is a mite from each of you in the beauty and the safety of the Cathedral.

 The Church rector, Father Anatoliy, and the Church committee deeply appreciate your help and thank everybody for the ongoing support!

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