Diocesan Council 31.10-3.11.2013. By father Anatoliy

On Wednesday we went to Ottawa with Bishop Irenaeus in his car. It was decided that we pass through St. Lazare, in order to inspect the home chapel of Sergei and Galina

Nazarov. The family wishes to bless this little church in honor of St. Seraphim of Sarov. The building was completely ready for the worship, except that the icons

were not placed in canonical order. The chapel was clean, warm and cozy and especially the Eastern situation of the site is ideal for personal and public prayers.

The bishop pointed out some details that still need to be completed and promised to consecrate the chapel for the holiday of Father Seraphim in August .


Arriving in Ottawa , we  took our rooms, as usually, at the Diocesan Center. During the whole next day, the assembly of provosts took place. 

The provost is the chief priest of each Canadian province. Some oversee several provinces, like the provost of Manitoba and Quebec. The main task and  theme of the meeting is to strengthen the balance and power of all the branches of the structure of the diocese, as such. On several occasions, deans or provosts do not participate in  diocesian life moments though it’s their direct responsibility. Other committees and offices leave their duties at the discretion of the bishop or the Central Administration.

Thus, the life of the diocese happening on the ground and in the parishes without the participation of their representatives is somehow incomplete and lopsided.

 All kinds of questions arising in the life of the diocese were divided into two groups, as it happens in life : spiritual and administrative. Let’s highlight some of them.

 For the spiritual growth of the priest himself, one of the greatest vector is the great  lent or during other times, the lent of a few days. Here, priests pray together, confess, share their spiritual experiences, learn to practice the spiritual conclusions read by purposely invited lecturers. As for what pertaining the administrative questions,

we considered new missions, ensuring them priests and financial support or worked on how to acquire church buildings and much more.

The following two full days (I would rather say ­ fully crowded ­ from 8 am to 11 pm ) was the meeting of the Diocesan Council.

New Diocesan Council


Here, we listened to the statements of all the members of the Diocesan Council, we decided about the plan of the coming year and accepted the budget.


 On Saturday evening, we participated in the Vigil service and on Sunday, in the Divine Liturgy.

Divine Liturgy


 During the Sunday worship, the bishop Irenaeus imposed hands on sub­deacon Justin Mitchell up to deacon for the parish of St Benedict Nursiski (St Benoit)


The newly imposed deacon f. Justin


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