Icon of the Venerable Roman the Melodist

On 30 March after the Divine Liturgy a new icon was consecrated for our church, an icon of the Venerable Roman the Melodist.

This icon enshrined in a wooden icon case will hang in the choir for special veneration by our choristers: they will always be able to ask the saint for help through prayers. The Venerable Roman is known above all for his fervent desire to glorify God by his voice and singing, and because by a special favour of the Mother of God towards him he composed the famous kontakion of the Nativity of Christ “Today the Virgin gives birth to the Transcendent One…”.

As our rector Father Anatoly declared during the consecration, the choristers will be able to venerate the icon just before the beginning of the divine service, and at the end of it when leaving the choir. Thus, nobody among the choristers, even if they have to hurry for the beginning of the liturgy, will be deprived of the blessing of this celestial guardian.

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