Church Services

Parishioners of the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral

Services in our church are conducted in accordance with the Church Typicon, and we follow the Julian (“old”) calendar.

The principal language in our services is Church Slavonic with some addition of English or French. “Trebas” such as christenings, burial services etc are conducted, if possible, in the language requested.

The Vigil service is conducted on Saturday evening and on the eve of major feasts at 6 pm. Great Vespers and akathists are conducted at the same time.

Confession can be made either after evening services or at 9:30 am before Divine Liturgy which begins at 10:00 am on Sunday and all Feast days.

Moliebens for the sick, for travelers, and of thanksgiving, as well as panikhidas for the souls of the departed, are normally conducted after Liturgy.

Common “panikhidas” are conducted on “Soul” Saturdays as prescribed in the Typicon, and specially requested “panikhidas” are sometimes conducted during the week.

The blessing of a home, a car or other “private” services can also be requested from the priest.

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