Painting of the altar ceiling – call for donations

Dear parishioners,

you are cordially invited to make a donation to finance the painting of 36 mural icons on the altar ceiling:

12 icons of Old Testament prophets,
12 icons of angels and archangels,
8 icons of winged seraphim,
4 murals of the firmament with the sun and the moon.

Each icon costs us $CA 280. You may leave your donations at the candle booth, where you will get a receipt for income tax purposes. The names of the sponsors will be printed on the icon sketch displayed in the lower church hall. Continue reading Painting of the altar ceiling – call for donations

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A new gift to our church

On Sunday 13 July our father rector installed a new icon, an icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, named the Gatekeeper, in the centre of the church.

This icon was executed and consecrated in Athos, the Greek mountain monastery, and was recently offered to a pilgrim named Valery with the instruction to leave it in the first church where he would pray. Thus, this icon of the Most Holy Theotokos Portaitissa of mount Athos  ended up in our place a few days ago. Father Anatoly accepted this gift with the gratitude from the whole parish. We need now to make a kiot for this icon, which will be hung in the left transept of the church.

This same person had previously offered our church an icon of the Holy Matron of Moscow and  funded the making of a kiot to enshrine it.

We warmly thank all those who financially contribute to adorning our cathedral. We wish everyone to benefit from the spiritual help and the intercession of the Theotokos.

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Icon of the Venerable Roman the Melodist

On 30 March after the Divine Liturgy a new icon was consecrated for our church, an icon of the Venerable Roman the Melodist.

This icon enshrined in a wooden icon case will hang in the choir for special veneration by our choristers: they will always be able to ask the saint for help through prayers. The Venerable Roman is known above all for his fervent desire to glorify God by his voice and singing, and because by a special favour of the Mother of God towards him he composed the famous kontakion of the Nativity of Christ “Today the Virgin gives birth to the Transcendent One…”.

Continue reading Icon of the Venerable Roman the Melodist

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Plan of the icons arrangement in our Cathedral

For the convenience of our parishioners we have added to the web site the plan of the icons arrangement in our Cathedral with the list of the their names.

Continue reading Plan of the icons arrangement in our Cathedral

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