Parish Annual Fall Lottery

Dear parishioners, supporters and all who frequent our services,

The Parish Annual Fall Lottery is coming soon and our Rector and Parish Council once again appeal to you for support in purchasing and selling the tickets.
The Annual Lottery is not a gamble as we do not distribute any profit from income or deficit. This is just another way to donate to our parish. The Lottery has been in practice for several years proving to be appreciated by parishioners as a successful tool to raise additional money and to make up for the shortfalls, especially after less active summer months. The construction, charitable, and church funds that support and maintain our Cathedral and Rawdon parish life are usually the recipients of the Lottery proceeds.
The number of “old” parishioners, who used to bear most of the burden of maintaining our parish, is slowly dwindling. For example, from 240 individuals in 1980 the number had fallen to 188 by 1990; then down to 110 in 2002, and in 2012 only about 100 active parishioners participated in the Lottery. So we appeal, in particular, to all you – “new” parishioners and all other 500 families of our constant Church goers – to support our parish.

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